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Frames are to me what shoes are to most girls…

July 19th, 2013


Yes, sad as that sounds, I love a beautiful picture frame!

I was in New York recently for a client project & coincided the trip to attend the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF). Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a condition of being an Anya H Interiors client that you have to send me to New York on buying trips (amazing – for me – as that sounds…!). It was an atypical project where the client had lived in the States for the past 8 or so years and had a house load of furniture and accessories in storage which needed to be assessed and essentially I had to determine which pieces worked with her new place in Sydney and which would have to be sold. During my stay, I picked up a lovely print from a local artist, Pat Christiano, who conveniently locates his ‘outside studio’ in Central Park and I decided I would give it to my client as both a token reminder of her former Manhattan home and also as a feature piece over a new (Thomas O’Brien) desk I’d just chosen for her Sydney office space. Anyway,  I’ve just picked up the print today from my Sydney framer guy. I’d waded through his vast stash of catalogues and samples a few weeks ago and selected a rather ornate frame with rich gold and red hues. Paul, my framer, is one of those genuinely passionate, ‘old school’ type creatives that treats every piece of art that comes through his door with meticulous attention & focus … .a reminder that as with many aspects in interiors, it’s often the detail that can make all the difference….

Here’s my $15 print looking like a million dollars!










(Image via Anya H Interiors)

Frame it! Other clever framing ideas…

(Images via David Jiminez  and The Decorista)

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