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Measure my room

Take a plain piece of paper (or graph paper if you happen to have any). Please don’t worry about drawing straight lines or getting the proportions correct. As long as we can read it and all the measurements are accurate. That’s what matters.

Step 1. Imagine you are floating above your room, looking down. Now draw the shape you see. Our example room below is a fairly simple rectangle with a small hallway jutting off to the bottom.

Step 2. Put windows and doors into your drawing. Indicate windows and doors as shown in the example below. Please take care to indicate the direction in which the door opens using the curved arrow, again as per the example below. If your room has alcoves or columns, please also show them.

Step 3. Now draw in anything, which is fixed to the walls of the room such as a fireplace, built in cabinets or wardrobes, TV etc that you want to keep. For kitchens also show appliances (cooker, fridge etc) and for bathrooms show all sanitary ware (toilet, basin, shower, bath etc).

Step 4. Now name everything.

Step 5. Almost finished… please draw on and name all the electrical points, TV aerial points, light switches.


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