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Anya H

Raised in England before settling in Sydney in 2000 and with nearly twenty years of experience in the Creative Industry, Anya brings an eclectic eye and a knack for designing spaces that feel comfortable, livable and individual. Starting her career at BBC Magazines in London working on well-known titles such as BBC Top Gear and Homes & Gardens, Anya then moved ‘Agency side’ and worked on extensive Branding and Creative campaigns for clients such as Sony, Budweiser, Virgin Money and Hewlett Packard. In her spare time, she renovated a number of properties… from a country cottage to a Central London apartment and at this point decided that she wanted to train as an Interior Designer. With contacts and trade relationships already established in the UK, Anya was introduced to a tutor at the UK’s Institute of Interior Design and successfully qualified as an Interior Designer.

Having moved homes a couple of times to accommodate an ever growing family (Anya has 3 daughters) – Anya’s passion grew for creating stylish yet practical, functional spaces for the busy, family household.

“My own home is a contemporary mix of antique, modern and bespoke design. I love the attention to detail, solidity, quality of materials generally associated with antique furniture but appreciate more of the modern look especially for its functionality. The choice of materials and textures is always natural (or as natural as possible!) – favouring stone, timber and fabrics like linens, velvets, wools and silks. I generally prefer plain over patterned textiles and muted, calm, natural colours punctuated with startling combinations of colour, art and shape to add drama and contrast. Ultimately, I love creating homes that are elegant, but interesting, easy, comfortable to live in and punctuated with a twist of the unexpected and even a dash of humour !”

In a nutshell, how can Anya H Interiors help you?

The difficulty for many people is knowing how to achieve the right blend of styles and this is where Anya H Interiors’ approach to interior design excels.

“One of my overriding objectives with Anya H Interiors is a desire to makeover ‘the interior designer’.  The Sydney market is not a particularly adventurous one when it comes to interiors – there are too many mainstream suppliers with limited product ranges. On top of this, the ‘interior designer’ is still seen to a large extent, just for ‘the rich and famous’ coupled with concerns when it comes to ‘hourly fees’ and ‘open project’ arrangements. My goal with Anya H Interiors is to package up service offerings in a more palatable approach so that clients have greater understanding at the start of a project about what the end result will cost. At the same time, I don’t believe in imposing my own style on clients. I want to encourage more clients to take a more individual approach to defining their space i.e. integrating their own collections/eccentricities/lifestyle needs to add a more personal, unique stamp on their homes.”

Anya’s design philosophy

“I like to create spaces that feel collected. I’m a layering kind of designer in that I don’t just ‘do’ a room. I like looking around, finding interesting and workable pieces, then building from that.”

Anya’s signature style

“I believe clients have their own personal story. Frankly, I find it lazy when I see an Interior Designer imposing their signature style, and not responding to their client’s individual lifestyle needs and own style preferences. I am passionate about creating inviting, stylish and unique space for everyday living.”




BA (Hons) University of Durham.
Distinction in Interior Design, The Institute of Interior Design.

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